Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Archer to Rays

Chris Archer is headed for Washington, DC to join the Rays after Jeremy Hellickson went to the disabled list. I know that I've been critical of Archer here on this blog, but all the best to him on Wednesday when he should be making his first start.

Pretty much a stake through the heart of the Bulls, though. No word if there will be a replacement coming up to the Bulls, who were already a man short on the roster.


  1. Well, there's always next year.

    No, I'm not a Cubs fan.


  2. Jonathan Gantt noted on Twitter that Archer's start ends a 232 game streak of Rays starting a pitcher that they had drafted. I feel the correlation between that number and consistent Bulls success in recent years is strong. Hoping that Archer has his best stuff and gets good run support tonight.

    As to Cubs fandom, that's how I was raised. A Cubs comment probably suits here as I'm pretty sure Archer was part of the Garza trade. I am glad that the success of recent Bulls has grafted me to the Rays tree. There is little hope on the North Side of Chicago for at least the next two years.

  3. I'm pretty sure the Cubs comment was meant to imply that with Archer's departure we Bulls fans can pretty much give up on the season. Not that we won't be seeing some interesting baseball (wouldn't it have been fun to watch last night's game in Durham?), but that we don't have much of a chance of being champions this year. Pretty sure Anon is among those of us who are essentially Bulls fans first, and Rays fans only to the extent that there are a lot of former Bulls playing there that we'd like to do well.

    Archer will be back and maybe will have better focus. If so, he could win a bunch more games this year.