Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great Road Trip; Coming Home

 Box, Wrap

Season: 26-33; Trip: 6-4; Bulls vs. Bats: 6-2; Standings
Box, Wrap

Not much to say about Sunday’s game. The Bulls were shut out by the Bats’ Jeff Francis and Chris Archer got his third straight loss. As meaningless as wins and losses are supposed to be, Mr. Archer really isn’t having a very good year. Should we start worrying?

Meanwhile Mr. Francis and the Reds decided to part ways sometime after Sunday’s complete game shutout. I’ll probably do my annual rant about opt-out contracts someday soon, but not now. Let’s wait until they start having an effect on the Bulls. Francis (and his agent, most likely) must have decided that it was time to pull the plug. Who knows? Maybe, as commenter Doug Milhoan said, he could end up in a Rays/Bulls uniform in a few days.

Tonight’s game was a certainly nice win. Young Shane Dyer got his first AAA win. Stephen Vogt got his third home run (his OPS has snuck up to .692; is he getting his 2011 eye back?).

Desmond Jennings got his second hit (2-12) in his rehab assignment and is reportedly heading back to the Rays. Bye.

Brandon Gomes is never going to be the equal of either WDBB favorites Winston Abreu or Joe Bateman for sheer on-the-mound presence and outright thrills. But he sure can pitch! He got his fourth save since his return from Tampa Bay on May 11th, and he’s picked up three wins during that same period (he’s 4-0 on the year). An ERA of 0.45 (he’s only given up one earned run this year!), a FIP of 1.35, a WHIP of 0.85. So I guess we can do without the twitches of Abreu or the thrill of Joe Bateman walking two or three batters before striking out the side. We’ll just settle for Mr. Gomes, and be thankful for his presence in a Bulls uniform.

Cannot complain about a 6-4 road trip. Congrats to the Bulls!

Outside the game
  • Matt Torra has been put on the disabled list and Jhonny Nunez is to start Tuesday night. Did anyone hear why? I was only been able to listen to bits and pieces of the game.

Personal note: For those of you who have noticed that that there’s been an empty seat beside me most of this year, Fran's back has been giving her fits. She went in for surgery today and is doing quite well. Probably a long rehab, but should be back in her seat before the end of the season. My posting/game attendance is likely to be a bit erratic over the next couple of weeks as well, but I will be there some of the time. And eventually both of us will be there cheering on the Bulls as usual. 

And don't forget to raise a glass and/or just simply sing along in remembrance of Doc Watson during Tuesday night's 7th Inning Stretch!

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  1. A full and rapid recovery wishes for Fran.