Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Streak Broken

Box, Wrap, Herald-Sun
Season: 37-43; Home Stand: 4-1; Bulls v. Chiefs: 1-4; Standings

Very late getting to this today, so most readers already know what happened. So just let me rant for a few minutes.

Rehabbing major leaguers are a distinctly mixed blessing. Yes, we get to see ballplayers that we otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to see. But from a fan’s perspective, a fan that really only cares about the Bulls, they seem to be an awful distraction. Case(s) in point:

Why does Farnsworth have to start the game? As it turned out, it probably didn’t matter, but maybe.  That home run that tied the game in the 8th came on two outs and a decision to leave Torra in rather than bring in lefty De La Santos to go up against a left-handed batter. But who knows? What if Torra had really started the game? Again, why start the game with a rehabber? Obviously a decision made by someone for whom Farnsworth’s status is way, way more important than the Durham Bulls game.

Why didn’t Luke Scott come out to bat in the 11th? Game is tied. Runners on 1st and 2nd. One out. Instead Henry Wrigley comes in to pinch hit and he struck out, followed by a pop up to finish the inning with the game tied instead of won. Apparently Scott had left the dugout. If Scott is apparently fit enough to go back to the Rays, why wasn’t he at bat for the Bulls?

Just asking.

Tim Beckham had his second game in a row at second base. Reportedly these are his first efforts at that position as a professional ballplayer. He looked OK, and he looked better at the plate.

One of the oddities of this year’s Bulls are all the left-handed batters. Seven or eight lefties is a normal lineup. Against a real pro like Syracuse’s left-hander John Lannan, it seemed to make a difference. In his innings the only real action came from right-handed batters Chris Gimenez (double, single, walk) and Beckham (walk and a RBI single).

Outside the game —
  • Dane De La Rosa is the only Bull to be selected for the International League All-Star team. Former Bulls Dan Johnson, Russ Canzler, Chris Bootcheck, and Dioner Navarro.
  • The News & Observer did an interesting piece on Tim Beckham and his suspension.
  • Here’s a solid bit of thinking and reportage on the pine tar issue that got Rays reliever Peralta suspended.


  1. Lannan was lucky to walk as few batters as he did given that he threw roughly 50% balls (107 pitches, 54 strikes) with many long counts. My recollection is that his strike count was inflated by one particular Bull batter that fouled off a bunch in a row.

    Lots of critics in the stands regarding Thompson's caught stealing at third in the first inning with none out - pretty much evenly split between "why did they run him there?" and "bad call he was safe!"

  2. My take was that numbers caught up with the Bulls’ left-handedness, although I missed the detail of their impatience. They’ve been hitting so well, maybe swinging too much?

    Missed the call even though it was right in front of me. But in any case, Thompson sure made up for it last night didn’t he?

    Bulls didn’t help themselves with some really sloppy behind Nunez when he came in to bail out Torres. Beckham couldn’t pull off dp, Brignac and Vogt couldn’t get their act together, Gimenez tosses one into CF. Ugly.