Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bulls Win; Gathright Remembered

Season: 25-32; Trip: 5-3; Bulls vs. Bats: 5-1; Standings
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The 6-run 5th inning was really nice. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the Bulls have had an inning like that all year: ten players came to bat, six hits (3 doubles), two BBs. And before the 5th inning, Stephen Vogt and Leslie Anderson hit solo home runs in the 1st and 3rd.

Jim Paduch and a host of relievers got stretched out; however, except for a couple of errors by infielders Reid Brignac and Cole Figueroa, a very nice game. This is a lineup (with Chris Gimenez and Shawn O’Malley) that we hope to see a lot of for the next month or so. If I weren’t suspicious of the weakness of Louisville pitching, I’d say this looks very promising.

I saw the name in the lineup in the first game, but for some reason it didn’t sink in. Then I wasn’t able to listen to either of the last two games except intermittently, so I probably missed Patrick Kinas reporting on the situation. But for old-time Bulls fans one of our favorite players of all time was on the field for the Louisville Bats — Joey Gathright.

Joey Gathright ruled the base paths at the DBAP from 2004-2005, stealing 64 bases in those years. He has since been all over, including a few visits back to the DBAP in, as I recall, a Norfolk Tides uniform. The last three years saw him in Indie ball, then with the Tides, back to Indie ball and then with the Pawtucket Red Sox. He was just signed out of Indie ball by the Cincinnati Red and sent to Louisville. In every case, I’d bet, the major league club is looking for speed on the bases and the outfield, and a backup professional within easy reach. Since the Bats have already played in Durham this year we aren’t going to be able to see him play. Too bad. Even at 31 I’d guess he’s still a formidable ballplayer. For some good stories, do a search on "Gathright" in the search box at the top left.

Outside the game
  • Elsewhere it was recently noticed that the Rays aren’t doing a very good job developing hitters. No kidding. We haven’t written much about that issue, but Rays Prospects has. And the few hitters that have done well as Bulls haven’t done well, or been treated well, by the Rays: Chris Richard, Justin Ruggiano, Dan Johnson, Russ Canzler to name a few. And none of those came up through the Rays system. Can anyone out there think of a proficient batter developed through the Rays system (other than Longoria, that is)?


  1. If you mean from amateur to pro, there's only:

    E. Johnson (proficient?)
    Desmond Jennings (still early)
    Delmon Young (proficient?)
    Jaso (proficient?)

    Plus all the guys in Durham (and below) now, including Brignac.

    Unless you want to go clear back to Crawford and Baldelli. So of the recent ones, Desmond Jennings, and he hasn't played much.

  2. I guess it does turn on what "proficient" means. To show you what an amateur I am at this, doesn't this look rather thin to you? And what does it mean that two have been traded off (Young and Jaso) and Upton has been in the rumor mill from the time he arrived with the Rays?
    I guess I'm agreeing that batter development is a weakness in the Rays system.

  3. Young and Jaso were not good hitters with the Rays, so I wouldn't count them as proficient. Upton is a good hitter, his problem has always been his head. So yeah if you look at it over the last 10 years or so, there have not been a lot of well developed hitters.

    With that said, there also haven't been a lot of hit prospects either especially compared to the stream of high profile pitchers. So maybe it's more about potential than coaching.

    I'd think Beckham (when he's back) and Lee are the only 2 in AA/AAA right now with the hot prospect moniker attached to them. So we'll see how they go.

  4. Oh, it's bad alright.

    Just saw this, the Reds have released Jeff Francis, who threw the shutout against the Bulls last night. One of those opt-out clauses we all love. Maybe the Rays will sign him and send him back to Durham to even things out.

  5. Sorry, not able to follow/comment on stuff. Family member in hospital. Maybe tomorrow or next day.