Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brignac Bangs One!

Game 66, Monday, June 11, DBAP
Durham Bulls (Rays) 6; Toledo Mud Hens (Tigers) 3
Season: 28-38; Home Stand: 2-5; Bulls v. Mud Hens: 2-1; Standings
Box, Wrap, Herald-Sun

Reid Brignac’s grand slam is the story here. As it should be. It was, reportedly, his first professional slam, so it must have been a huge thrill for him. It sure was for us. By us, I mean anyone who was watching TV or listening to the game. Besides Wool E. Bull, the rain apparently chased all but a few die hard fans away. Congratulations to the fans who stayed and got to watch the hit in person and to Mr. Brignac for the hit.

The beginning of the game was all too familiar. After a nearly two-hour rain delay the Mud Hens got two runs in the 1st inning and another in the 2nd. But then Toledo’s Thad Weber gifted the Bulls with two walks and a hit batter (new guy Brandon Allen) to set up Brignac’s heroics. Following the big hit, Shawn O’Malley bunted his way on and then scored all the way from first base on other new guy Rich Thompson’s double.

Lance Pendleton worked awfully hard through four innings (93 pitches) and he was pulled before he was eligible for the win, which went to Ryan Reid. Once again the team of Augenstein and Gomes did a masterful job of closing out a game.

Outside the game
  • New guys Brandon Allen and Rich Thompson are likely to be just the beginning of changes to the Bulls’ roster. Rays infielder Longoria and pitcher Farnsworth are getting close to returning; infielder Keppinger is looking to be playing by the end of the month; outfielder Fuld and catcher Chirinos may be getting ready; and Bulls infielder Beckham is nearing the end of his 50-game suspension. In almost every case, if a player gets activated we will see a ripple effect in Durham. Make sure you pick up a program on your way in to the next home game. No telling who will be on the team.
  • After today’s game, the Bulls won’t be back in town until June 22nd. Lunch at the park today sounds good to me ... if the rain holds off.
  • Ever wonder about spitballs? Former Durham Bull pitcher and, briefly, Italian League prospective star Dirk Hayhurst has some comments on his blog.

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