Friday, June 15, 2012

Gomes to Tampa Bay

Showing once again that WDBB can be depended upon to guess wrong, reliever and WDBB favorite Brandon Gomes has been called up in place of outfielder/DH Luke Scott.

In my defense, you have to agree that it was at least plausible for me to guess in this morning's post that a position player would be called up to stand in for Scott, not a pitcher. And I wasn't the only one who guessed wrong. The smart money (and the not-so-smart) was on Lehigh Valley favorite son Rich Thompson. Guess he gets to stick around in Allentown for a while longer.

Undoubtedly under different circumstances we and the Durham Bulls would never have seen Brandon Gomes this year. He's really, really good. The really scary possibility is that someone else will come back when Scott comes off the DL. Want to have a daytime fright? How about J.P. Howell?

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