Friday, August 10, 2012

Bang! Bang!

Season: 57-63; Home Stand: 5-3; Bulls v. Clippers: 2-2
Home Games Left: 11; Standings

The Bulls had some fun last night. Good idea before this morning's early wakeup and trip to Toledo, Ohio.

Everyone got a hit and almost everyone scored a run in the biggest game the Bulls have had in a long time. Notable was Chris Gimenez’s two home runs (5 RBI), Brooks Conrad's homer announcing his return to the lineup, a Henry Wrigley homer, and Nevin Ashley returning to the lineup with a triple. Speaking of triples, Rich Thompson had his 7th on the year. Thompson just gets on base a lot and with his speed, if he gets a chance he’ll get to third base.

It was a nice end to a pretty good home stand, 5-3. Matt Torra gave up his usual home run(s), but both with no runners on base and they made little difference. Certainly not with the kind of run support he was being given.

Outside the Game —
  • Henry Wrigley and Alex Colome were named the Rays Minor Leaguers of the Month for July. Congratulations!
  • What would happen if a pitcher could throw the ball really, really hard? You wouldn’t want to be at bat (or be the pitcher for that matter).
  • A look at the hitters in the Rays system is over at Rays Prospects. Cole Figueroa, Henry Wrigley, and Nevin Ashley show up fairly well except on the “speed” metric (but we knew that).
Matchup: The Toledo Mud Hens

The Bulls split a 4-game home series with the second-most famous team in minor league baseball, the Toledo Mud Hens, in the middle of June. They are not having a good year, even worse than the Bulls.

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