Friday, August 31, 2012

Rays Start Cleaning Out Bulls Roster

Infielder Reid Brignac, catcher Chris Gimenez, pitcher Cesar Ramos, and outfielder Rich Thompson are on their way to Toronto to join the Rays. Good for them. At a guess, they aren't the only ones who will be called up. Not quite sure why they are so anxious to pull the string on the very first day (tomorrow). Other possibilities were discussed here earlier in the month.

As Bulls fans we have seen Reid Brignac do a very good job at shortstop and second base, and get a few key hits in his time with the Bulls. However, the Rays certainly seem to have lost confidence in him. His prospects of being called up for September weren't very good until Sean Rodriguez broke his hand. 

We really like Chris Gimenez. He was hitting well and helping the Bulls. His call-up was expected and deserved. 

Cesar Ramos is a puzzle to me. He's probably a better pitcher than I think he is. He must be. He's going to the Rays.

Rich Thompson plays his heart out every day. We'll see if the Rays trust him enough to give him any real playing time. We can hope.

What does it mean for tonight and the rest of the season? Well, I'm sure the Montgomery Biscuits are hoping that the angel of call-ups passes them by. They are in line for a run at the championship — if the weather will let them play. The Southern League playoffs begin next week. My guess, and hope, is that the Rays dig down into Single-A teams and give us a look at some prospects.

Question for readers who follow those prospects — Who should get a visit to Durham tonight? And a trip to Charlotte for Labor Day weekend? Or are the Bulls just going to have to suck it up for a couple of days?

[Update: An outfielder from the Charlotte Stone Crabs has been added to the Bulls roster, left-batting, right-throwing Kevin Kiermaier. Stats are here and the RaysProspects latest data are here. The Rays obviously think a good bit of him since he's headed for the Arizona Fall League along with the Bulls' Tim Beckham and the Biscuits Hak-Ju Lee.

Thats a one for three swap. See comments from Samantha regarding previous year attentiveness the the Bulls' needs.]


  1. From Adam Sobsy on Twitter:

    w/ Thompson & Gimenez gone, #DurhamBulls need an OF. Playoff-bound @BiscuitsBaseball off-limits, so welcome A-baller Kevin Kiermaier.

  2. it doesn't matter if the Biscuits are playoff bound or not. It didn't stop the Rays from pillaging the Bulls in the middle of the playoffs every year!!

  3. Samantha's point is well-taken and I'm puzzled about why now when these specific people aren't going to help the Rays in the areas they need help. Plus, I'd think their arrival would just add confusion to a clubhouse that is already confused. But, hey, I'm just a fan.

  4. Also, see update with stats on Mr. Kiermaier.

  5. I suspect that the Rays' front office see a big difference between pulling a player from the Bulls' playoff run up to the big leagues (the only team that they really care about) and moving players around within the minor leagues.

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