Wednesday, August 15, 2012


That was a really tough four games in Toledo. Made worse by blowing a 5-0 lead. About all that could be done is move on down the road to Columbus. According to broadcaster Patrick Kinas the shoulder issue of Alex Colome is not thought to be serious. That’s essentially the only good news from Toledo.

Season: 58-67; Trip: 1-4; Bulls v. Clippers: 3-2; Standings

Matt Torra was pitching. Henry Wrigley, Leslie Anderson, Stephen Vogt, Brooks Conrad, and Reid Brignac were hitting. All was right in with the world up there in Columbus. 

After that awful trip start in Toledo, it was really nice to hear the Bulls have a good night. 

Columbus is in the chase for the International League wild card slot. However, they have been in a recent slump similar to the Bulls. They need to win a bunch of games and need some luck regarding the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Iron Pigs to get into the playoffs. 

Last night wasn’t the night. The oddity was two triples. One was by not-very-quick Henry Wrigley, the other by Reid Brignac. I’ve never seen the Clippers stadium, but it must have some odd corners. This was first triple of the year for both of the players.

Torra continues to look very good. He gives up home runs, but he wins games. 

Outside the game —
  • I was so disappointed with MiLB.TV last year, I didn’t sign up this year. But I’m tempted now just to see the 7'1" Dutchman Loek van Mil take the mound for the Clippers. It will happen some time during the Bulls visit, I’m sure. To put him in perspective, he’s 3 inches taller than former Bull Jeff Niemann.
  • Here’s how the Governors’ Cup works. The winner will be coming to Durham for the Triple-A Championship game.
  • Confused by the term ”prospect“? Rays Prospects brings us up to date.
  • Meanwhile, I’m hoping that they update us all on who’s coming into minor league free agency. Nevin Ashley for sure. Anyone else?

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  1. Given that the IL team will be the "road" team per the results of the AAA All-Star Game, I wonder if that means the PCL gets the Bulls (home) clubhouse? Or do they just get last ups? The IL team might be more familiar with the Bulls clubhouse anyway, especially if it's Charlotte.

    I too share your interest in who will be free agents...