Sunday, August 5, 2012

Torra Leads the Bulls

Evan Longoria tries to dodge an inside pitch on Saturday. Didn't.
Photo courtesy of Orin Day

Season: 55-60; Home Stand: 3-0; Bulls v. Braves: 10-8
Home Games Left: 16; Standings
Box, Wrap, Herald-Sun

Matt Torra has brought a lot to the Bulls this year and we should acknowledge that. He doesn’t have a stunning ERA (but his 4.26 is the second best among the starters). He has pitched the most innings (118), tied for starting the most games (19), and accumulated the most wins (9). He was just fine last night, letting one run squeak across in the 1st and another in the 3rd. His unfortunate tendency to give up home runs was not in evidence although a few long balls went really long.

Meanwhile the Bulls scratched out three runs in the 2nd inning and that would be enough.

I can’t bring myself to overlook a bad call in the 5th. After a brilliant 12 pitch at bat at the top of the 5th, Rich Thompson singled to right field. According to the ump, he was then picked off. Thompson steals a lot of bases and he knows how to read pitchers. Certainly I am no one pontificate on the balk rule, but I’d say the opinions of everyone in the crowd were with Rich.

Rich Thompson is "helped" off the field by hitting coach Dave Myers while Charlie Montoyo reviews some of the finer points of the rules of baseball with umpire
(photo courtesy Orin Day)

Before that there was Stephen Vogt’s double followed by an “overslide” of second base in the 4th. Mr. Vogt’s a pretty big guy. Once he gets up to speed he sometimes finds it hard to stop. Ump had fun calling the play. I’m sure the folks in the dugout had fun calling the play as well.

A big play in the 6th, when Matt Mangini (playing third base for the first time in quite a while) pegged a ball over the head of Henry Wrigley at first, Wrigley chased it down and threw out the Brave who was  trying to go from first to home. Good hustle that made a difference.

Four wins in a row is a big deal for the Bulls. Congratulations guys.

Meanwhile a great ballplayer is not playing great baseball. Evan Longoria went 0-4, but did get on base when he was hit by a pitch. Otherwise, a K and two popups. At first base after the hbp, perhaps as professional courtesy, Gwinnett did not hold him on.

Outside the game —
  • I believe that I’ve failed to report that the Bull is alive and well and smokin’ and blinkin’ and helping us celebrate these last three wins.
  • Alexander Torres has been put on the disabled list. 

Nice bunch of photos here by Bulls fan (and Duke women’s basketball expert) Orin Day. Thanks Orin!

Wool E. Bull checks out the 9,000+ fans at the DBAP on Saturday night
 (Photo by Orin Day)

Longoria in a lighter moment August 3
(photo by Orin Day)

Grounds crew show how it's done in Durham, Saturday night
(photo by Orin Day)

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