Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Last Big Trip

Season: 59-69; Trip: 2-6; Bulls v. Clippers: 4-4; Standings

The Clippers crawled back into the hunt for the International League wild card slot. The Bulls are one game away from absolute elimination, but they are about to play the one team in the South Division that has been eliminated. Hope?

Chris Archer had a fine start, except for the unfortunate 2-run home run in the 6th. And the Bulls were hitting OK. They had 10 hits to the Clippers’ 7. But the nine runners they left on base were a problem.

Overall, this was simply an awful road trip for the Bulls. My expectation was that what we’d hear about would be heroic individual efforts (perhaps in losing causes) as players beat on the door of September callups. But maybe they were just tired and wanted to go home.

To wrap up the season the Bulls have nine games at home, a day off, three road games, two home games, two road games. This nine game home stretch could be a time for some fun for fans and players. No team has anything to play for than the simple fun of the game. Charlotte has locked it up, none of the rest of the teams has a shot at the wild card. The opportunity is to just play.

The stand opens with the Gwinnett Braves. They have had a tough season. They had a terrific April and May, then fell off the edge of the earth. Lately, they’ve been wobbling around the 13 games below .500 mark, much like the Bulls have wobbled around the -8 point since the beginning of the season.

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