Thursday, August 9, 2012

Roster Moves: Mangini & Conrad

Infielder Brooks Conrad cleared waivers and has been assigned to the Durham Bulls. That meant that someone had to go. The someone turned out to be infielder Matt Mangini.

Mangini had been the Bulls starting third baseman for most of the year, sharing duties with youngster Cole Figueroa.

Brooks Conrad just came down from Tampa Bay and was subsequently pushed off the 40-man to make room for Evan Longoria.


  1. Note to self: never ask to be placed on the temporary inactive list.

  2. nobody asked to be put on the list. he was stashed there until they could decide what to do with too many players. i suspect contract value and not being a home grown rays org player had a role in his release.

  3. Last sentence makes sense to me. Nothing about his numbers jumps out. We never know anything about minor league contracts, so we don't know what Brooks Conrad's might have said.

  4. Players ask to go on it all the time for births and deaths. Don't know about these two, but it usually just lasts for the 3 days. Durham shouldn't be using it for weeks just sell a guy to Japan though. As far as who they kept and who they didn't, of course guys who have been around longer get more leash, just like in every other workplace. And Chris is correct about contract clauses too.