Monday, August 27, 2012

Better Late Than ...

Season: 65-72; Home Stand: 6-3; Home Games Left: 2

A beautiful day for baseball. In what seems like a very long time the Bulls started the game in bright sunshine. So bright that it may have been what caused a slight hiccup in right field in the top of the 1st. The hiccup led to a triple, but the runner never scored. 

Cesar Ramos went on to have a terrific day. Obviously going from the bullpen to starting is much more complicated that I would have thought. Yesterday he pitched very, very well against a team that has to be wondering what happened to the 2012 Durham Bulls, the team that was lurching along near the bottom of the division. This team was the pitching, running, scrambling, hitting team of yesteryear and beat the Tides for the fifth game in a row.

Mr. Ramos was never in any real trouble until the 5th when the bases were loaded with two outs. But a popup to short ended that threat.

Josh Lueke had another shaky outing. Single, K, K, home run, K. Those two runs brought the Knights back to 4-2. Brandon Gomes came in for a two-inning save that, even though a run came in, simply felt like things were in hand.

Meanwhile visiting infielder Sean Rodriguez should be feeling pretty good. The reason he’s with the Bulls has everything to do with DH’r Luke Scott coming off the DL. Since that time, Scott has played in 4 games for the Rays, with 4 hits and 1 RBI. Rodriguez, on the other hand, has played in two games for the Bulls with two doubles, a home run, and 4 RBIs. Last night’s was off the Bull (video here). The Bulls have won all of their games, the Rays dropped their last two. Take that Tampa Bay!

As it happens, both middle infielders hit home runs last night. Tim Beckham, playing shortstop hit one to the deepest part of center field in the 5th.

Six games in a row, all at home, is a big deal in any season. Thank you, Durham Bulls! 

Outside the game
  • Rich Thompson’s run at the International League batting title is getting less stealthy. He was 3 for 4 last night, raising his average to .310. He’s now tied for third place. Leslie Anderson sat out the evening and slipped into second place when Gwinnett’s Jose Constanza went  2 for 3. Thompson also stole 3 bases (at 28 he’s in third place in the IL with no chance to catch up with Gwinett’s Durango’s 43, but maybe Indianapolis’ d’Arnaud’s 31).
  • When Roger Clemens stepped to the mound for his first game in a bunch of years pitching for the Sugarland Skeeters, in the batters’ box was none other than former Durham Bull Joey Gathright, now playing for the Bridgeport Bluefish. Gathright struck out.
  • The wild card race between the IronPigs and the PawSox continues to be very, very close.


  1. Very unusual for the Bulls to host a five game series, much less get the sweep. It was nice to see Wool-E with the broom after the game, though he was maybe taunting their dugout a bit too much given that our next three are at their place.

    Bulls are now seven under .500 with seven to play. A 12 straight win finish would be quite ironic after April's 13 game skid.

    Given that the Rays are in Toronto from Thursday 8/30 through Sunday 9/2 it will be interesting to see when September call-ups happen, in particular what Bulls team is available for the season ending two game homestand. Some players might go right from Norfolk to Toronto, given that Saturday's game there is a 1 PM affair.

    On the other end of possible call-ups, the Biscuits are in a dead heat with Jacksonville for the Southern League South second half crown.

  2. Oops, meant a 13 straight win finish for the Bulls to end up .500 - five game sweep too much on my mind. :)

  3. So, apparently Sean Rodriguez hurt himself punching a locker at the game due to an "altercation" with a teammate. Too bad we probably won't ever hear any more details about that...

    1. I don't understand that. Here he was looking good. For those who wonder, here's the only link that I've found (so far):

    2. and this:

  4. Opportunity for Anderson due to SRod's dumbassery