Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pretty 3-6-1

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Bulls had a very pretty double play last night: 1B Henry Wrigley to SS Tim Beckham to Pitcher Jim Paduch covering first. Here it is. Also at YouTube .


  1. What an AWESOME play, by all parties involved!!! Love that it looks like the Rays have a slick-fielding 1st Baseman getting ready!! Hope his bat is solid, too :D

  2. The first baseman is Henry Wrigley, one of the Rays prospects. He isn't on the 40-man, but he can hit pretty well. He's .301 with the Bulls and 20 homers at AA and AAA. I worry some about his footwork at 1B and it seems to me he ought to be further along (6th year). The Bulls have played 9 different guys at 1B this year, but Wrigley's gotten the most starts. So he just might be the Rays future, but not likely this year.