Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh Runs, Wherefore Art Thou?

Season: 56-63; Home Stand: 4-3; Bulls v. Clippers: 1-2
Home Games Left: 12; Standings

A tough 10-inning loss and a shutout. The Bulls simply aren’t a run-scoring team most of the time. Alex Colome looked just fine until the 6th inning which he began with a single, a walk, and a single. At 80+ pitches and 6 innings work, no one was warming up. He made it through the inning, partially due to call at the plate that went the Bulls way, but two more runs were in. Hindsight being 20-20, looks like maybe he was in too long.

Those two runs may not have mattered that much. The Bulls hitters were clearly outmatched by the Clippers’ Jeanmar Gomez. Here’s hoping that Cleveland calls him up before the Bulls get to Columbus next week. Only Rich Thompson and the returned Will Rhymes seemed to be able to touch his stuff.

Oh well, there was a beautiful partial rainbow out to the southeast in the early innings. We take our pleasures where we can.

Jim Paduch, last seen in a fairly disastrous 6 inning start on July 27, put an inning as a reliever to finish the game for the Bulls. Did OK. 

Outside the Game
  • As noted, Will Rhymes is back in a Bulls uniform. Couldn’t tell for sure, but looks like he’s going without his mustache. Hard to keep track of that. 
  • Pitcher Bryan Augenstein came off the disabled list. Alex Torres is on the DL, so the roster matches up.
  • Infielder Brooks Conrad was designated for assignment the day after he hit a home run for the Bulls. If he passes through waivers he could end up back in a Bulls uniform.
  • Tampa Bay rehabbers lurking out there include pitcher Jeff Niemann and DH/1B Luke Scott. We saw Scott earlier this year. One or both could show up, but probably while the Bulls on the upcoming trip to Toledo and Columbus, Ohio.

Trying a new bit of numerology here. Just a basic matchup. Shows the Clippers score more runs, get on base/hit for power (OPS), and pitch better than the Bulls. I  think we knew that (except for the power part, they haven’t done much bashing, yet).

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