Wednesday, May 28, 2014

6-1 Trip So Far, Pretty Darn Good

Two more home runs. These to the same guy. Bulls lead the IL in home runs given up.

Two more home runs.  Bulls firm up their lead in home runs given up. Tigers GM in the stands. Enny Romero really got hammered.

Season: 32-22; Trip: 6-1

Mikie Mahtook and Curt Casali looking terrific. Both of them simply owned Toledo pitching. Meanwhile Matt Andriese makes up for yesterday’s loss in a big way. 

I watched a few innings on MiLB TV (Much better this year, by the way, but still not great unless at DBAP. Other teams simply aren’t investing in equipment or people the way the Bulls have.) They were having one of those kids day at the park and it was just seething (10,300) for a game that started before noon. Hope that they had fun.

I am very impressed with Adam Liberatore this year. From a purely selfish Bulls fan’s perspective, nice to have a quality pitcher who is not on the 40-man. Not that that would keep the Rays from calling him up if they really need him. 

Outside the game —
  • As far as I know, we only have two other fan blogs in International League baseball that are active this year. One of them writes about the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, Noise Nation. The Iron Pigs will be in town on Friday, so you might want to start taking a look at their blog just to see what they are saying about their guys. The Iron Pigs are playing in Norfolk and then will drive over for the Friday game in Durham.
  • The other writes about the Pawtucket Red Sox (Pawsox Heavy), but I haven't been following that quite so closely this year.

Rosterification (I can’t pronounce it either and yes, I know it isn’t a word — 
  • Kevin Kiermaier has been sent to Toronto to join the Rays
  • Catcher Ali Solis has been put on the 40-man and called up to the Rays
  • Catcher Mayo Acosta has magically arrived from either extended spring training or Hudson Valley, I forget what the official euphemism is for guys who are traveling with the Bulls but aren’t on the Bulls roster. Thank goodness that they are with the Bulls, things would be even worse. Acosta was 0-4 on Wednesday night
  • Robby Price also back from extended spring training. He played today in left field. For a part time player, his slash line over 23 games of .299/.413/.418 with 10 RBI is pretty darned good. Nice to have that depth.
  • Pitcher Alex Colome may have finally arrived in the Bulls dugout.  Not sure. But he has not been added to the roster … yet.

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