Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nice Homecoming Win

Season: 23-17; Home Stand: 1-0

Mike Montgomery’s two starts following his no-hitter were pretty awful. But last night he was definitely back on form. After a two-run homer in the 1st inning, he only allowed one more hit through a full 8 innings. He gave up only one walk, and then picked off that runner to end the 6th inning.

We also got to see Kevin Kiermaier do his thing in center field with two very nice running catches at the bottom of the 5th and top of the 6th. 

At bat, Jerry Sands and Wilson Betemit teamed up for the first two runs, Betemit singled and Sands homered. In the 6th an early error and a Kiermaier double gave Sands the opportunity to get his third RBI of the night. He’s up to 31 now and stands second in the International League.

The oddity of the night was that only two umpires were on the field. Typically at Triple A level we see three and sometimes four. I don’t recall just two in any games that I’ve seen. No close plays, fortunately. 

Outside the game —
  • Kudos to the new layout of the video board! I’ve laid off commenting, thinking that they would figure a better configuration, and they did. Even for my old eyes it works. The previous display had type sizes for the very, very young. This one is very nice. And I also like the info that started showing up about mid-game on the right field video board. Yeah, the new ballpark is a bit like being inside a pinball machine, but I'm beginning to like this. It's coming along.
  • As is the turf. 
  • And Food Trucks tonight! We can’t be there, which I sincerely regret. Enjoy it folks!
  • And were you curious about walk-up tunes? Check this.
  • The mystery of Enny Romero’s scratch on Monday night was solved. He was held out so that he could get on a plane, fly to Seattle, and then fly back to Durham. Does that make sense? I guess it does to the Rays.


  1. Apparently, Romero didn't even make it to Seattle. According to some of the Rays reporters, he was waiting for a connection in Detroit before being told to turn around and head back to Durham.

    1. Missed that. Kinda odd. Hope it doesn't mess with his head.