Monday, May 26, 2014


I'm sure that all will be made clear, perhaps by Patrick Kinas, but here's a list of the transactions since the Bulls left town a couple of days ago:

  • RHP Brandon Gomes: Assigned to Durham Bulls from Tampa Bay
  • RHP Jim Patterson: Assigned from Durham Bulls to Montgomery Biscuits
  • RHP Doug Mathis: Assigned to extended spring training
  • RHP Juan Sandoval: Released (Note: I liked Sandoval. I hope he finds work. From the stands, he looked to be a better pitcher than Mathis and he had slightly better stats.)
  • RHP Alex Colome: Finished suspension, assigned to Durham Bulls, scheduled to start 5/26
  • RHP Alex Colome: Called up to Tampa Bay (hope he has passport with him, the Rays are in Toronto)
  • RHP Doug Mathis: Called back from extended spring training.

What's really, really weird about this is that if you follow the Rays/Bulls closely this sort of makes sense, but only if Colome was showing some impressive stuff while in his "rehab". On the other hand, it's got to work on the heads of these guys, at least a little bit.

Oh, tonight's starting pitcher is now listed as Merrill Kelly. It was his turn in the rotation when Colome was first listed.

Update: Turns out that Rays outfielder Brandon Guyer broke his thumb yesterday and is going on the 15-day DL. That made room for Colome, but have to think that the Rays will eventually reach out for a position player. But Kiermaier is the only outfielder on the Rays 40-man. Gonna be interesting.


  1. Colome optioned back after the game.They say corresponding move tomorrow, but you'd have to think it's going to be Kiermaier assuming his leg is feeling ok.

    1. Colome sort of got left twisting in the breeze last night. Guess it makes a little bit of sense from TB point of view, but after his first few batters, looks like he did OK.

      Agree it almost has to be K.

  2. Sobsy pointed out that Kiermaier can't go up because he's still less than 10 days out from his last option. Given that it's been reported as a position player, that means Belnome or Lee. I'd guess Belnome.

  3. Or it could be Solis. Definitely didn't expect that, but there you go.

    Acosta back from Hudson Valley I assume?

  4. Solis! Good grief. Who'da thunk? I was betting on Belnome. Wonder who got pushed off the 40-man? Or did they do some razzle dazzle. Have meeting from now until 9:30. Will have to chase it down after that.

  5. Oh. I see. Moore to the 60 day DL. Odd that he wasn't already on it.

  6. I assume Moore not being on the 60-day allowed them to not have to pay another MLB salary as I think being on the 40 man requires a certain minimum that I'd guess most of the non-40 Bulls don't get paid. It's minor compared to $5M Heath Bell writeoffs, but you have to pay for all those Durham to Tampa flights somehow :)