Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tough Loss

Season: 26-20; Home Stand: 4-3

Well that was a disappointing loss. The links have most of the info. Note that Merrill Kelly left the game with a cramp in his hand. Hope that is not serious.

Most of the time we don’t second guess Montoyo and Allen. That’s because they are almost always right. But from the stands it sure seems that with 14 pitchers on the roster that it didn’t make sense for Adam Liberatore to go back out in the 10th. Of course, it perhaps didn’t make all that much sense for him to go out at all.

Jim Patterson hasn’t pitched since his committee start back on May 12th in Scranton. Others who might have been available were Lara, Mathis, and Sandoval. But we’ll never know and maybe that’s a good thing.

Overall, lots of ifs in this one, including the four runners left in scoring position and the two caught stealing.

Because of the oversupply of pitchers, the Bulls only had two position players in the dugout near the end of the game.

Outside the game — 
  • For reasons known only to the Bulls (and probably the Rays) Doug Mathis is starting today instead of Enny Romero. We’ll probably hear something about that eventually.
  • We have read that Rays reliever Brandon Gomes is on his way to Durham. That will mean 15 pitchers in the bullpen (usual number is 13). Gomes spent much of 2011 and 2012 with the Bulls and was back with the team last year for a while. Not entirely clear why he’s back again.
  • Robby Price has already been moved to Hudson Valley in a paper transaction.
  • Rays catcher Ryan Hanigan still isn’t playing. Rays may go out and buy someone, or Ali Solis may end up packing his gear. Mayo Acosta is, I think, still around the Bulls dugout.
  • Kevin Kiermaier is still with the Rays, implying that Desmond Jennings not yet back from his bereavement leave.
Update: The reason Romero isn't pitching is that it's only been three days since his last time out, when he pitched the first game of a double-header. That messed up my spreadsheet. Apologies to anyone who noticed and was wondering.


  1. First time at the park in a while for me. I like the new board layout.

    One thing the board showed me that I didn't realize is how ridiculous Beliveau has been this year. He bailed out CJ last night, and his overall stat line is now:

    19 IP, 7 H, 10 BB (that's a little high), 0 ER (that's rather low), 31K (that's high)

    Hitters are hitting a combined .108 against him. Yikes.

    1. Couldn't bring myself to say anything about CJ's return. And I'm getting superstitious about Beliveau's ERA. If the Rays ever sort themselves out, I think he will be gone.