Saturday, May 3, 2014


Season: 18-11; Home Stand: 3-3

There was a traffic jam around first base with 1 out in the top of the 6th and by the time it was sorted out two runs had scored. That was enough to tie the game that the Clippers went on to win when they scored a run in the 8th. 

With runners on 2B and 3B, Bulls first baseman Wilson Betemit fielded a grounder and flipped it to Mike Montgomery covering first. He got turned around, the runner knocked the ball out of his glove, which gave the runners on second and third time enough to score.

Meanwhile the Bulls bats were mostly very, very cold. The team wOBA for the game was a miserable .261. Not as bad as Thursday’s .117, but on a par with the team’s three losses up in Charlotte last week. (See the chart from a couple of days ago).

And then there’s the oddity that the starting pitching has had five no-decisions in a row. They have had two wins in that streak, but we can hope that this is simply early in the season, not quite ready arms. 

Bright light? Jeff Beliveau still has not had a run scored on him. After 12 innings in relief his ERA is still 0.00 and his WHIP a stunning 0.58. He’s also had two appearances with the Rays: 2 innings, no hits, walks, or runs.

Outside the game — 
  • I’m not sure, but I think I saw Mikie Mahtook in the dugout last night.
  • If so, good to have him back. Have not seen a transaction putting him on the DL, so guess he must be OK.
  • Caught a small piece of a Kinas’ interview on the way to the game last night. Sure wish they’d make those available as podcasts.
  • Brad Boxberger is reportedly back, or on his way back, from his one-day stint with the Rays.


  1. Also outside the game, the Rays played 14 innings after 18 the day before, but have decided not to make a roster move.

    But, this brings up a question. Normally when a MLB team options someone back down (e.g. Boxberger), they can't call them back for a period of time (5 days I think?). However, with the DH rule, I'm not sure if this is the case or not. Adam Sobsey didn't know last night during the game either. So if you want an obscure rules questions to track down Chris, there you go :)

    1. Zzzzzzz!
      I don't think so. But I did take a modest look at how the Bulls are being used as an extended bullpen, but could not make a coherent sentence or two out of what I found. Given the talent, Riefenhauser, Boxberger, Beliveau, they can just keep rotating folks around the way they have.
      As far as the rule goes, just don't know. If Sobsey doesn't then maybe Kinas, but he's not so good about answering my emails since I've been stirring to pot on injury reporting.