Thursday, May 1, 2014

Matchup: Durham Bulls vs. Columbus Clippers

The Columbus Clippers are in town, apparently having spent their day off in the lovely city of Durham, North Carolina. They are the Triple-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians and typically enjoy solid fan support at home. As with most teams in the North and West Divisions, they have had a lot of weather problems this year and have only played 24 games to the Bulls 27. Indianapolis at 17-8 is leading the West, 5½ games ahead of the Columbus.

The Pythagorean Expectation for the Clippers is that they should be at 12-12 instead of 11-13. That implies a weakness among their relievers. A glance at their pitching stats seems to confirm this. Meanwhile, the Durham Bulls PE is 16-11, that is the Bulls have won more games than “expected”, which implies just the opposite, that the Bulls relievers are above average.


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