Thursday, August 6, 2009

Abreu Coming Back to Durham

File this under the strange news category, but here it is from Joe Smith of the St. Petersburg Times:
The Tampa Bay Rays signed RHP Winston Abreu to a minor league contract. He will report to Triple-A Durham Friday.
Abreu was designated for assignment on Aug 1 by the Indians, who had acquired him from the Rays earlier this season.
I really liked Abreu when he was here April, May, and early June. He had some terrific numbers for us, leaving here with a 1.41 ERA. Not sure what happened in Tampa or Cleveland, but happy to have him back.

Just remembered that the Rays traded Abreu to Cleveland for John Meloan, which makes it even more weird. Gotta wonder what they're going to talk about out there in the bullpen.


  1. That is odd, but I can't really complain. It will be good to have Winston back, and although I haven't seen much of Meloan yet, he seems decent.

    Basically, we got Meloan for the Indians having use of Abreu for a couple of months. Sounds like a good deal to me.

  2. If Winston is able to get back to the pitcher he was when he left, it will be a great deal for us. Not sure what happened after he left. Hoping that either Sobsey or Solondz (or both) interview him and we get some insight. Might mean that we'd be able to dump two poor performing pitchers and be in really great shape for this month and into the playoffs. Could it be that the Rays are thinking the same way? Hard to believe, but I have to admit that they actually have done a good job in the past building a decent roster for the playoffs, even when they pull players out as they did last year.

  3. I hope Abreu checks your blog because I want him to know WE'RE REALLY GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK!!!

  4. If Abreu can regain his previous form, we will be in HIGH COTTON! Looking forward to seeing him again.


  5. Can we dump Julio now please?