Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

Game 115: Bulls 11, Chiefs 5
Season: 65-50
Wrap, Box

How do you figure a night like this? After one of the worst nights of the season yesterday with only 4 hits, the Bulls have their best hitting night of the year with 18 hits. (Note: On the scoreboard when I left the park, and on my scoresheet, the Bulls had 17 hits. However, the box score shows Weber with 4 hits and the Bulls with 18. So someone must have prevailed upon the official scorer — yet another errant bat, Jon? — to change that 8th inning E-1 to an infield hit, as it should have been scored in the first place.) One home run (Chris Richard), 3 doubles (Mateo, Weber, and Johnson), and 14 singles. Every Bull got on base, except for Albernaz who came on in the 8th for Jaso and only had one at-bat. And no blowout inning, just a steady drumbeat of 1, 2, and 3-run innings. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Hot it was. I made the mistake of checking the weather about an hour into the game and got one of those “feels like” numbers — over 100.

I can’t honestly say that Andy Sonnanstine looked all that good, although he did get the win. Sure seemed like he was working really hard and he did run up to 96 pitches in six innings. Abreu was Abreu. It sure is great to see him and his nasty slider back. Maybe the big guys can hit it, but these guys sure can’t. Keep it up Winston. Dale Thayer had a bit of trouble when he came on in the 8th giving up a double, two singles, and a run before he settled down. By the way, it looks like he’s growing his famous ’stache back.

Something like 50 years ago the psychologist B. F. Skinner pretty much nailed down where superstitious behavior comes from and put it off to what became known as operant conditioning. That may be. On the other hand, players (and fans) know that if they wear their hats a certain way, do just the right things in the on-deck circle, scratch this and wiggle that, then good things happen. The trick is to make sure that you keep doing the right things. So, whatever it was, just keep it up.


  1. The call on Weber's infield dribbler was indeed changed to a hit. Both teams requested it.

  2. Thanks, Adam. Didn't know that it worked that way. Much better than my guess. I'd marked it as a single on my scorecard, then changed it when the scoreboard did. Interesting that both teams agreed on that one.

    And it moved Jon up to .295 and second best on team after Hughes. Weber's having a great year. Hope it's enough to get him called up. Planning a piece on that in a couple of days once I get my head together.

  3. A call can be changed within 24 hours by the request of either team, if the scorer agrees to it. The opposing team has to consent to the change. The 24-hour limit has a little leeway...

    Would be cool to see Weber get a Sept. callup, just as an acknowledgment of his effort by the Rays. He's probably about fourth on the outfielders list after Joyce, Ruggiano, Jennings and Perez, but you never know. If he hits enough doubles, won't they sort of have to promote him, out of amazement if nothing else?

  4. O no! That means I'll have to stay away for the rest of the Bulls home games!

    You don't think they won because 208-L-16 & 17 were empty?

  5. Adam -- missed this when it came in. Jennings isn't on 40-man, but there is an issue or two with the other three. Will try to address that when I get around to fleshing out the rationale for a call-up.