Thursday, August 6, 2009


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The Bulls had a day off yesterday, so I thought it would be a good time to update my charts.

The “performance” chart is for the last 20 games. The green columns are the team OPS (on base percentage + slugging percentage) for the games. I use that as a measure of hitting. The last column which is the season OPS. The blue columns are the opponents’ OPS as a negative number, which I take to be a measure of how well all of our pitchers did in the game. Basically, the taller the green column, the better; the shorter the blue column, the better. The trend lines are 5-game moving averages. So, how are we doing? We won 11 and lost 9 of the games. Both hitting and pitching trends are below the season numbers even though we won 3 of the last 5. That’s worrisome. The hitting seems to be moving upwards; that’s good. The pitching seems to be moving downwards; that’s not good.

The pitching chart combines OBA, the opponent’s On Base Percentage, and the ERAs of the current crop of pitchers. As mentioned yesterday, we’ve had 27 pitchers for the Bulls this year. These are the ones who are here right now. Also, this is a few more than the roster rules allow, hence the transfers back and forth between Hudson Valley

We need to be somewhat careful with this chart since the sample size is really small for a couple of the pitchers, especially Meloan, Hellickson, and Nelson. An interesting feature is how well our starters are coming along. Note that all of them, except DeSalvo, are below or very close to the team OBA and ERA. Interesting that a reliever, Jason Childers, has the best won-loss record, but no surprise that he has the most appearances. I was a bit surprised to notice how many starts and innings that Wade Davis has had while keeping both his OBA and ERA at a respectable level. He is a good one that I doubt we’ll see much of next year. Pretty obvious who’s on the chopping block if Mitch Talbot comes back or the Rays want to look at another pitcher coming up through the system.

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