Saturday, August 1, 2009

Childers Does a Bateman

Game 107: Bulls 3, Yankees 1
Season: 61-46
Wrap, Box, Indy Week

A while back I mentioned that Joe Bateman on the mound was good for those who’d missed out getting their cardio workout for the day. Well, yesterday I did make it to the gym, so I wasn’t in need of getting the ol’ heart above 130 for an extended period. Apparently, Charlie Montoyo didn’t need it either. Bateman did not get the word.

Here’s what happened. Carlos Hernandez did a fine job through five innings, only letting in one run on two hits, two walks, and six strikeouts. Then Calvin Medlock kept things on track through two innings, no runs, 1 hit, two strikeouts. In the meantime, the Bulls played small ball and put across three runs, one each in the 4th, 5th, and 6th innings.

Then came Joe. Single, line drive out, walk, walk, bases loaded. Typical Joe. Heart rate well above 120. But it’s not spring or even early summer. Charlie Montoyo, who usually is more than willing to let pitchers twist in the wind, yanked Joe and put Jason Childers in for another save opportunity. Jason did his thing, pop up, ground out, inning over.

In the 9th, however, Jason decided to do a Joe Bateman imitation by giving up two singles on two pitches putting men on first and second and the winning run at the plate. To continue in Bateman style, he followed with a strikeout, line out (apparently great play by Ray Sadler in center), and a ground out. Game over. Fifth save in a row for Jason. Bulls beat Scranton/Wilkes-Barre 3 out of 4.

So the Bulls remain in first place in the South and now (unlike the last time I said so) they have the best winning percentage in the International League.

Seems like every time the Bulls go on the road, the Rays decide to shuffle the roster. Lots of changes, and more to come. Here’s what we know so far.
  • Rehabbing catcher Shawn Riggans should show up in the lineup soon.
  • Dale Thayer is back and had one appearance against Scranton/WB.
  • Justin Ruggiano should be back and handing out cigars in celebration of his new son.
  • Tampa Bay reliever Joe Nelson has been sent down to Durham.
  • Biscuits outfielder Desmond Jennings has been sent to the Bulls.

For the Jennings and Nelson moves, see The Rays Party, Marc Lancaster, Stacy Long with the Montgomery Advertiser, and Adam Sobsey at the Indy Week link above. My only comment is that Jennings should bring some speed to our offense, which could make things interesting.

For how the Bulls roster will change as a result, your guess is as good as mine.

Lastly, friends of ours had the nerve to celebrate their wedding without checking the Bulls schedule. Hard to believe that could happen, but it did. So I won’t be able to make tonight’s game. Worse, I’ve been told that I cannot stroll around the reception with a radio earpiece since I’m a bit too old to act as if I’m a Secret Service agent. Maybe I can sneak out while they’re being prayed over, or toasting the bride, to check the score.


  1. Chris,

    You just need an iPhone or other fancy new cell phone so you can sneak in score checks. :)

    As for the roster, I really have no idea how this will be sorted out. I assume that someone from the bullpen will be called up to replace Nelson, but I don't really have a guess who. Also interesting that, at least according to Stacy Long, Montgomery has already added someone to their roster to fill Jennings spot. I wonder if that is just to cover for a day or two, or if they have reason to know that we won't be sending someone down to them.

  2. Well, one question answered. Houser has been released to make room for a new pitcher signed for Rays.

  3. That's a surprise. Although I wondered why Houser was on the 40-man, I guess it shows how little I understand the rules that they would just release him. His numbers are better than DeSalvo's. Guessing there's something we don't know about his contract situation.