Monday, August 17, 2009

Attorney Supports Weber Call-Up

Regular readers of WDBB will recall that we have had occasional interactions with a local law firm with offices in the Diamond View II building, most recently in a copy of a letter they sent Jon Weber. Today they wrote directly to us referring to our recent posts, here and here, regarding a September call-up for Weber.

Farfaleaux, Foghart, & Bloviate, L.L.C.
Attorneys-at-Law & Media Relations Consultants
Diamond View II Bldg
Durham, NC

August 17, 2009

Dear sir/madam:

We have noted with some interest your recent commentary on behalf of Mr. Jon Weber, an individual who’s career this firm has been following closely for some time. We appreciate that the tone of your comments have shifted somewhat from your maudlin remarks concerning the glove he loaned to Carl Crawford and your rather more intemperate commentary on his propensity to launch bats into the stands behind the dugout and his “haircut” (I use the term advisedly). We whole-heartedly endorse your effort to see him in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform this September.

More than that, we are pleased to see that you have at last recognized his exceptional competence as a ballplayer. Better late than never, as they say.

It might interest you to know that the advertising campaign for Get-A-Grip Pine Tar, for which Mr. Weber was to have been the spokesman, has been temporarily put into abeyance. Not, mind you, due to any reluctance on the part of Mr. Weber. It would appear that archival video of the events in question is not readily available. Therefore, we would have to stage the event for the cameras. As you might imagine, the fees for liability insurance during the filming appear at this moment to be prohibitive.

On the other hand, if Mr. Weber does get called up, especially for a game in Boston’s Fenway Park, and he lets a bat fly in to the stands there, and we get it on film; well, that would be rather a win-win for Tampa Bay fans wouldn’t it? In itself a strong argument for his call-up.

Lastly, we would note that it appears that every right-thinking American male has the fantasy of roaming in the outfield of a major league ballpark and of coming to the plate against the best the game has to offer. Unfortunately, almost none of them have the talent or the opportunity to do so. It is our fervent belief that Mr. Weber has that talent and should be given that opportunity, even if it is in that juke box between the beach and the bay down there in St. Petersburg.

Respectfully yours,

Armstrong Farfaleaux
Sr. Partner, FF&B

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