Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jason Cromer Gets a Win

Game 108: Bulls 2, Indians 0
Season: 62-46
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, Indy Week

As frequent readers know, I missed the game last night. Nevertheless, as closely acquainted as I am with the leader of the Jason Cromer Fan Club, I have to comment on his fifth win as a Durham Bull. Good for Jason. And it was the first Bulls shutout since May 18th. Great defense, decent pitching by all.

For the short version, see the wrap link above. For a medium version, see the Herald-Sun. For the long, see Indy Week.

Two of the new guys saw action. Desmond Jennings batted leadoff and played center field. He showed his speed by stealing a base. Shawn Riggans caught the game and showed good situational awareness in a nifty double play (a bases-loaded pitcher to catcher to first) in the 6th. Reliever Joe Nelson may not be here yet.

Ray Olmedo got yet another RBI, his 36th. Jon Weber got his 10th homer and 52nd RBI. He’s sneaking up on Ruggiano’s team-leading 54.

To clarify my comment yesterday about Shawn Riggans being optioned to Durham: All that it means is that he’s off the disabled list and is going to play here for a while. He is still on Tampa’s 40-man. It also means that the Rays have decided to keep Michel Hernandez on their 25-man “active” roster instead of bringing Shawn to Tampa Bay. The Rays still have five catchers on their 40-man roster, which I doubt will last forever. So we can expect at least one of them to get off that roster one way or another before the end of the season.

Craig Albernaz is on the Hudson Valley shuttle. As are a couple of the pitchers. I’m not even going to try to keep track of that. Too bad they can’t accumulate frequent flyer miles, but I guess you have to actually get on a plane to do that. (Does Greyhound have a frequent traveler program?)

I’ve always wondered exactly what gets said out there on the mound when the pitching coach goes out. Adam Sobsey in the Indy Week link above provides some insight into that. Apparently X. told Cromer to go back to his fastball. Must’ve worked.

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