Thursday, August 13, 2009

What’s Going On?

Game 116: Bulls 3, Braves 6
Wrap, Box, Indy Week

Game 117: Bulls 4, Braves 5
Wrap, Box, Indy Week

Game 118, Bulls 1, Braves 2
Wrap, Box
Season: 67-51

I’ve just been able to catch bits and pieces of games the last couple of days. The parts I’ve caught early in a game were interesting, such as Ruggiano getting tossed out for looking at an umpire last night or the lightning and thunder the night before. The bits I’ve caught late, unfortunately I was listening in the bottom of the 9th on both nights, have been painful.

Just to summarize: We went into the bottom of the 9th of Tuesday’s game leading 4-3. Winston Abreu gave up two home runs to the first two batters. We went into the bottom of the 9th last night with a 1-0 lead. Dale Thayer got to two outs, but also let two on base. Walked a man on a 3-2 pitch, and gave up a two-run hit on a 3-2 pitch. Two blown saves by two accomplished relief pitchers.

Now that we’re past these games (and the fact that we left an awful lot of guys on base), here’s hoping that things can get back on track. We can take some cold comfort in the fact that the stands were virtually empty for both games (paid attendance was 3,800 for one game and 3,300 for another, which means maybe 2,500-3,000 actually at the games).

DRR in a recent comment and Adam Sobsey are reporting that Michel Hernandez is heading back to the Bulls. Good news.

Other reporting indicates that Joe Dillon is coming back as well. That’s gonna make a crowd at second base: Aki Iwamura on his rehab assignment, Henry Mateo, Elliot Johnson, and now Joe Dillon (although it’s hard to say what “position” Dillon played at TB). Plus the Bulls will have to make some roster adjustments to account for Hernandez and Dillon.

As usual, when the Bulls make it home, it will be a different team. Is there a pattern here? Make sure the Bulls are on the road and then change the team?


  1. Any room left in Hudson Valley?


  2. Probably/possibly. I can envision an ump playing the role of a football referee and counting the players on the roster before the first pitch is thrown.