Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hughes to Baltimore

Sure didn’t see this one coming.

Rhyne Hughes has become the “player to be named later” in the Gregg Zaun deal.

If this means he could end up playing for Norfolk, which is only two games behind us, and he happens to get on one of his streaks, I gotta hope that Zaun was worth it. Could mean trouble for the Durham Bulls.


  1. This is a bad move for the Rays. Very short-sighted.

  2. One of the things I'm learning this year is that if a player isn't seen as a "prospect" he just isn't seen. Hughes was apparently not seen as a prospect and, as a result, now no depth at 1B (unless you count Aybar). We, of course, would count Chris Richard, but I doubt that they do.

  3. Ooops. Left out that Stacy Long over in Montgomery is reporting that Hughes will be assigned to Norfolk.

  4. Dang.
    (It's Sunday so I won't say what I'm thinking.)

    Guess it's a good thing I haven't paid for our playoff tickets yet, because Tampa seems determined to pull talent from us.

    I'm beginning to loathe them.

  5. That's a real hemmorhoid organization they've got down there in FL. We have 6 games left with Norfolk; Hughes could be instrumental in the outcome of those.

    Tampa's 11.5 back in the AL East, and 4 back for the wildcard; right now Boston and Texas are looking pretty good.

    Don't know whether to pray that TB does extremely well and thus leaves us alone, or that they go completely in the crapper.


  6. I would guess that the Rays are much more likely to leave us alone if they fall out of the race. Even if they go on a huge winning streak, they would still be trailing the Yanks by the time our playoffs roll around.

    As much as the Rays have been stuggling, they still have a shot at the playoffs. They still have two series against both Texas and Boston (home and away on both of them), so they have to feel like they have some control of their playoff hopes.