Friday, April 30, 2010

Bison Baffles Bulls

Game 22: Durham Bulls 0, Buffalo Bisons 4
Season: 15-7
Wrap, Box

At roughly 6:05 last night Fernando Perez stepped to the plate in Coca Cola Field in Buffalo, New York and chipped a grounder to right field off of Bison knuckleballer R. A. Dickey. At approximately 7:45 (just in time to watch Survivor if he could get to a TV) Fernando again stepped to the plate and struck out. Those at bats neatly bookended a brilliant bit of pitching by Dickey. One hit, no walks, 28 batters faced. Can’t ask for anything more than that.

Bison’s blogger/broadcaster has interviews with Dickey and other comments on the game here.

In the meantime, I need to get a sling for my arm. I pulled something in my shoulder while patting myself on the back for predicting that Joe Dillon would catch for the Bulls. He made his first professional start as a catcher last night, and did just fine. In the first inning he started a caught stealing rundown that eventually would be scored 2364652, which meant that he was covering first,exactly as he should have been. Jose Lobaton should be back by now, so unlikely Joe will get another chance any time soon, but who knows.

Heath Phillips had a much better outing than last time, and gets credit for a complete game.

On the bench: Jennings (8), D. Johnson (1), Ruggiano (1), Lobaton (3).

Pre-game interview of newcomer Mike Ekstrom is interesting.

Benoit’s arrival in St. Petersburg covered.

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