Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Cool

For those who missed last night, you missed one of the great pleasures of April in Durham at the DBAP -- freezing your butt off. But it looks good for opening day tomorrow. Now if it just holds up for the rest of the week.

The players were out in the field running down fly balls and taking a bit of batting practice. Looks like they’ve got new warm-up jackets this year and they are an improvement over last year’s.

The opening day roster was handed out and showed up on the Bulls website today.

Three of the players on the roster I’m really happy to see back with the Bulls: Chris Richard, Jon Weber, and Michel Hernandez. Jon is a master of the Blue Monster and dangerous at bat. Looks like Chris Richard will be the designated veteran of the team, at 35 he’s two years older than Adam Kennedy. A very solid first baseman and another left-handed bat for us. Michel Hernandez has what we need behind the plate and in the bullpen: major league experience and time handling just about every sort of pitcher to come along. All three got invites to the Rays spring training and Jon and Chris in particular did very well there. Here’s hoping they keep it up. I think that Michel stuck with the Rays through the World Series last year, so he’s probably in line for an American League championship ring.

Think I’ll wait until the first game to comment on other veterans such as Elliot Johnson and Justin Ruggiano, as well as what looks like a very solid starting pitcher lineup.

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  1. Its so good to here great stuff on Jon Weber. He is a awesome baseball player and proved it over spring training. He is delight to watch. This kid knows the game of baseball and deserves to go to the majors!