Sunday, April 26, 2009

Let’s Go Home

Game 17: Bulls 0, Tides 7
Season: 11-6
Wrap, Box

One the hottest topics in the Rays Webworld is: When is David Price going to get called down to Tampa? As a Bulls fan I’ve got to respond: How about tomorrow? And give us Jason Cromer back.

I know all the experts are sure he’s the next big thing. And they’re probably right. But for whom? Not for the Bulls, it seems. He’s only managed to get through a total of 17 innings in 4 games for us, leads our starters in ERA, and his OBA isn’t anything to shout about. Today he gave up 4 hits and 4 walks facing only 16 batters. Half the batters he faced got on base. Actually that’s not quite right since I’m not sure “getting on base” adequately describes the two guys who just trotted around them. He’s wearing our bullpen out.

Price trivia: He’s pitched 8 games for the Bulls, 4 of them against Norfolk, according to Neil’s broadcast today.

Gee, I hate to harp on the hitting, but we’ve got 4 players below the “Mendoza Line” (.200): Jamieson, Albernaz, Ruggiano, and Richard. Slightly better, but not much if we set the cutoff at .225, are Sadler, Olmedo, Johnson, and Nowak.

A day off tomorrow, guys. Take a break. Enjoy the finer pleasures of being home in Durham tonight. Get ready for Charlotte on Tuesday.

Are we ever going to play someone out of the Southern Division?

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