Saturday, April 11, 2009

What To Do When It Rains

Adam Sobsey over on Indy Week meditated on Leo Durocher, how come David Price is even playing in Durham, and Jonny Gomes. And uses a word I haven’t seen in a long time, if ever, “lightninged.”

So I had to check out Jonny. He’s with the Louisville Bats and playing left field. He’s 1-4 in one game (a double). The Bats lost it to Columbus 4-12. Their second game was rained out just like ours.

Matt Eddy over at Baseball America did a long piece on the Price-Weiters confrontation that didn’t happen. Maybe tonight?

Cork Gaines on Rays Index noted that every team in the Rays’ affiliates list got rained out except for the one in Florida. BJ was playing for the Charlotte Stone Crabs.

As for myself. I sat in the stands and watched the rain fall and chatted about whether or not we have enough speed this year. (Answer, who knows?) Drove home. Watched Thursday night’s Survivor on the DVR (nobody got voted off) and “solved” the driving to the game in the rain problem (check the tarp first).

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