Sunday, April 12, 2009

Firsts in the Second (Game)

My guess is that anyone coming to this blog already knows the results of a game and how to get to box scores. Nevertheless, I’ll post basics here.

Bulls 8, Norfolk 4, 2-0 on the season, wrap, box.

Just to get it out of the way, Price started and lasted into the fourth. 17 batters, 74 pitches, no decision. By the way, Bulls starting pitchers are being limited to 75 pitches or 5 innings, whichever comes first. For a thoughtful look at Price’s performance check out Adam Sobsey’s article.

Various firsts:
  • Sunshine! Top of the third, maybe a minute or so, but sure was pretty while it lasted. Maybe some more this afternoon.
  • Home run. By Ruggiano, 3rd inning. Justin’s having a great start with the Bulls. He went 3 for 5 last night. Hope that we can keep him here for a while.
  • Appearances on the field. Ray Olmedo, Chris Nowak, and Chad Orvella. Olmedo looked good on third base and homered in the 8th. Nowak started at first base. Didn’t know he has experience there, but turns out he played mostly first at Montgomery last year. For some reason I thought he was a third baseman. Nice to see Chad back on the mound.
  • Hit by pitch. Adam Kennedy by Norfolk’s Chris Waters, 3rd inning.

I saved the best news for last — Radio in the ballpark! Turns out that there’s a really low-powered FM signal at 87.7. Easily heard while in the stands, but drops off very quickly. So, on the days that 99.9 is transmitting only on HD, you can still hear what’s going on. All of us Secret Service wannabes can now plug our earphones back in and listen to every game.


  1. Toward the top of today's posting you say "...Price started and lasted into the fourth. 17 batters, 74 pitches, no decision." What is 'no decision' referring to?

  2. That's when a pitcher leaves the game before the winning run is scored (by either side). In this case the go ahead run was scored while Day was pitching, so he got the win.