Monday, April 27, 2009

Where the Bulls Are — Home

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I was wondering whether or not to bother to put this shot up. Then I noticed that the blog’s had visits from Austria, Ukraine, and Turkey. Now we’ve either got some seriously displaced North Carolinians out there or Google is responding to some interesting search strings.

Locals will notice that this shot was taken before Diamond View II was completed and before the new Durham Performing Arts Center got out of the ground.

Surfing around looking for these shots I was reminded of a story from long ago and far away. It was during in the midst of the Cold War when satellite imagery was difficult to obtain and even more difficult to interpret. It was also a time when Castro (at the behest of the Soviet Union) was sending his soldiers out as advisors to various bad guys around the world — such as in Angola and Afghanistan. As it happens, during this period I met a photo interpreter who liked to talk about his craft. He described the difficulty of making meaning out of various smudges and dots seen from on high. “Except for finding the Cubans,” he said, “just look for the baseball fields.”

Odds and Ends:

If you've ever been curious about why so many baseball players come from the Dominican Republic, this series in the Global Post offers some insights.

Rays rehabbing right-handed reliever (how's that for alliteration?) Jason Isringhousen will probably show up in Durham for a couple of appearances this home stand.

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