Monday, April 20, 2009


Montgomery Biscuits’ catcher Craig Albernaz is coming to the Bulls. He’s 1 for 13 in Montgomery (.077), so must assume he’s not being promoted for his bat. Must be to fill hole left by Michel Hernandez, or does Jaso or Jamieson have an injury we haven’t heard about yet?

Also reliever Jason Isringhausen will be doing some rehab in Montgomery and can be expected to show up in Durham after a few innings there.

Thanks to Stacy Long at the Montgomery Advertiser for the heads up.


  1. It looks like Jamieson is getting demoted. I wonder what makes Albernaz a better backup for Jaso.

  2. Jamieson is going to "Hudson Valley". If that means what it did last year, he becomes the bullpen catcher for the Bulls. Haven't looked a the numbers, but think Abernaz is supposed to be better defensively (but if that's so, how come he wasn't with us at the beginning of the year?).

    There's another move afoot, also according to Stacy Long, Cromer to Montgomery. That makes no sense at all unless somebody's about to come off the Rays roster. Cromer's certainly done a fine job for us.

  3. Doesn't the Cromer move work with James Houser coming to Durham, from his "extended spring"? I don't know anything about Houser, but I will be sad to see Cromer go (though I bet it won't be too long until he is back).

  4. Just don't know much about Houser, as I noted today. Didn't know he was in extended spring training. Did know he was on 40-man, so Rays must think a lot of him. And then there's the missing Jeremy Cummings ...