Saturday, April 18, 2009

Montoyo’s Merry-Go-Round

Game 8: Bulls 5, Knights 0
Season: 7-1
Wrap, Box, Charlotte Observer Story

Montoyo’s Merry-Go-Round (Charlie’s Carousel?) continues. Last night’s starting line-up had Richard at 1st (5 out of 8, so that makes him almost a regular); Kennedy at 2nd (4 out of 8); Brignac at short (7, so he is a regular); Johnson at 3rd (2); Ruggiano in left (3); Joyce in center (1, but that completes his rotation through all outfield positions); Sadler in right (3); and Jaso catching (5). I left out the dh in my previous counts. We’ve had five different designated hitters.

This is beginning to look like a strategy, and it’s a strategy that’s working. Think about it. We’ve got terrific pitching this year in our starters and relievers. We’ve had three shut-outs in the first eight games. We’ve got a very professional group of position players. So why not keep them all in the game? And looking at the game differently every night?

It’s working. Keep the carousel turning Charlie.

Interesting links:

Adam Sobsky over at Indy Week discovered this terrific piece by one of my favorite ex-Bulls, Fernando Perez, in the New York Times. Here’s hoping we see him again if he does a rehab tour this summer.

Over at Her Rays we get her take on ex-Bull Ben Zobrist’s grand slam for the Rays last night.

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