Thursday, April 30, 2009

WebWorld Notes

A couple of interesting items out on the web I thought Bulls fans might be interested in.
  • The first is more for the fun of it. As we know, the Rays have been having a dismal time of it lately. Over at Her Rays, she finally gives up and lets them have it.
  • Rays Index has invited his fellow bloggers to speculate about trades this year. Of interest to us is that a couple of Bulls show up on most of the lists: Reid Brignac, Mitch Talbot, Chad Orvella, and Justin Ruggiano.
  • Adam Sobsey has a long article over at Indy Week where he has a very interesting conversation with Gerry Hunsicker, essentially the Rays #2 guy. He explains at least some of the thinking behind the Montoyo Merry-Go-Round.
Left out of the equation, as might be expected, is much consideration of the Durham Bulls as a baseball team. Too bad. Would like to know more about what Hunsicker thought about that. Is what’s best for the Rays by definition best for the Bulls?

Good chance we’ll see the rehabbing Rays right-handed reliever Jason Isringhausen (formerly of the Cardinals) in tonight’s game.

Finally playing someone out of the Southern Division! Look for Andy Cannizaro on the Clippers' bench. He played about half the season for us last year.

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