Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Things Matter

Game 19: Bulls 1, Knights 9
Season: 12-7
Wrap, Box

Knights at bat in the top of the 3rd. No score in the game so far. Carlos Hernandez pitching for the Bulls.

Gookie Dawkins flies out to center. Hernandez strikes out Scott Podsednik. Two out. Eider Torres singles to right. Jason Nix comes to bat.

Now starts a little contest that I don’t understand. Hernandez makes several pickoff throws to first but Torres gets back easily. Twice catcher Craig Albernaz throws behind Torres in an attempt to catch him. Both throws bounce, but first baseman Chris Richard handles them. From where I sit it looks as if both Hernandez and Albernaz have lost track of what matters — the batter Jason Nix. Ball four, Nix walks, Torres to 2nd. Andy Phillips comes up and whacks one over the Blue Monster. Three runs and the Knights never looked back.

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