Friday, May 8, 2009

Advice to the Bulls

Game 27: Bulls 2, Knights 10
Season: 16-11
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David Price’s Numbers: W-L, 1-4
Season: Games - 6; Innings Pitched - 24.2; Batters Faced - 112; Hits - 24; Walks - 16; Strikeouts - 21; OBA - .366; ERA - 4.74
Last Night: Innings - 4; Batters - 22; Hits - 6; Walks - 5; Strikeouts - 0; OBA - .500

OK, guys, here’s the deal. You would know better than I if he’s going to be a great pitcher. The fact is that as a Bull he isn’t. Not last year, not now. Maybe next game, maybe the game after that.

He pitches once every five games. Even if you do your job, a lot of the opposing team's players are gonna get on base. Even when you get two outs, odds are he’s gonna walk at least one or two after that. And, he’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. Tampa Bay’s not about to call him up looking like this and they sure aren’t going to send him down to Montgomery. So you’re stuck with him. Suck it up.

For the old hands, it’s kinda like last year when Chris Mason got a start. Your job, in the early innings, is to do what you can to limit the damage — a couple of double plays after the walks would help. That’s if he at least manages to have them hit grounders. Then you’ve got to absolutely hammer the opposition’s starting pitcher and relievers. Also, a few early hits might get him a chance to collect himself in the dugout. Not sure that will help, but what the hell, give it a try. What have you got to lose?

The good news is that he’s only going to be in the game for a couple of innings, so you’ll have five or six innings with our relievers out there. Sometimes, like last night, that doesn’t work out at all. As it happens Orvella’s had a lot of trouble in his last three appearances, but that’s another story. Not much you can do about a pitcher giving up a bunch of doubles. I don’t have any advice there.

Nevertheless it looks like when it’s a David Price start, you’re going to have to carry the water. Get a lot of runs, make every double play you can.


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  1. I've got to say that my throat gets raw from groaning when I hear Price is to pitch. He's been a terrific disappointment. Could he have gotten the jitters from the stress of having to live up to his reputation?

  2. That could be it. I've also been wondering about the possibility that his catcher(s) is (are) also very young and having difficulty calling the game. Hard to say how much of the game is getting called from the bench. And maybe he's being overcoached. X has a great reputation, so don't think that's it. But sure wonder if we could get Hernandez back behind the plate if that might make a difference.

  3. My personal opinion is that Tampa ruined his head last year, when he went A-ball to the world series in one season. He had no opportunity to get seasoned.

    As you've said, welcome to BJ 2.


  4. when price throws well does the catchers get the credit, no , he is not attscking hitters with his fast ball. he is trying to many off speed pitches. management wants him to work on he off speed stuff. but thats not what got him to this point. pound the strike zone!!!!!!