Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going Back to the 20th Century

Game 42: Bulls 5, Iron Pigs 4
Box, Indy Week Story
Game 43: Bulls 6, Iron Pigs 2
Box, Indy Week Story
Game 44: Bulls 3, Redwings 2
Wrap, Box, Indy Week Story
Season: 28-16

A weekend in the North Carolina hills — no cellphone signal, no internet, no TV, no newspaper. Great days. I do admit to coming down off the mountain, or out of the “cove” as little North Carolina valleys are called, yesterday on the pretense of checking out the farmers’ market. Fired up the cellphone and got the scores. Looked very, very good. Back up into the hills and to silence, broken only by the sound of mild cursing when a cork shattered inside the neck of a bottle and had to be dug out with a pocketknife.

Back to home through the monsoon. Seem to have brought it with me.

A blizzard of roster changes and injuries. Can’t get my head around them just yet. But the Bulls are 4-1 on the road. Maybe I should take another trip.


  1. Lord NO, Chris - don't go on another trip! They'll trade so many people we won't even have a TEAM left!!!

  2. Welcome home.

    Yeah, they're doing very well, with Jaso, Richard, and Olmedo all injured, and Thayer, Brignac, Choate, and Price up.

    Just heard Dewon Day left with "forearm stiffness." Oh Lord! And Joe Dillon has left for Cleveland, since Bartlett's on the DL.

    And of course, Elliott's still got the broken hand.

    Welcome to Durham.