Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where We Stand

(click on chart for larger view)

This being a day off for the Bulls, I thought it would be a good time to see where we stand.

Charted is the track of the Bulls won-lost record over the 39 games to date as well as the other teams in the Southern Division of the International League. Obviously we’re doing just fine. We’re 9 games above .500 and solidly in second place, 2½ games behind Norfolk. The remarkable run by Norfolk this month is shown as well. They’ve won 14 out of their last 16 games and all of their last 9.

For the league as a whole, Scranton leads the North Division (26-13) and Columbus leads the west (20-20). If the Governor’s Cup playoffs were to start tomorrow, we’d be the wild card team.

The Bulls team ERA (3.72) is fifth in the league. Our team batting average (.256) is fourth in the league, as is our team OPS (.758). Chris Richard is second in the league in home runs (9), fourth in RBIs (31) and sixth in OPS (.945).

The Bulls are off to play Phillies affiliate the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs and Rochester for the only visit to their parks this season. For a look at the IL and scheduling, see my earlier post.

This last time through the rotation (not quite complete since Houser starts on Thursday) our starters have done a terrific job. Several of our batters seem to have come out of their slumps. In fact, the only one who seems to be struggling at the moment is John Jaso. Everyone is above the Mendoza line, a very good sign (Tampa Bay, for instance, has two of their regulars below the Mendoza line and one right on it).

All is right with the world. Have a great trip, Bulls!


  1. Chris,

    This is a great chart. Really enjoyed looking at it (as well as reading your previous posts).

    Nice work!

    Michael White