Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday at the Park

Game 22: Bulls 4, Clippers 2
Wrap, Box
Season: 14-9

Let’s just mention some of the little things that keep me coming to the park.

In the 5th, Ray Olmedo, playing 3rd base, chases a foul ball over the tarp roll and into the stands. And brings the ball back. In the top of the 6th he cuts in front of Brignac, dives into the grass to stop the grounder, jumps up and throws the runner out.

Back in the 2nd, Montoyo calls for a squeeze play and catcher Craig Albernaz’s bunt does the job. Sadler comes home from third.

A Bulls starter, Wade Davis, lasts into the 5th. We still use four relievers, but they handle it well.

Jason Isringhausen finally makes his appearance in the 6th. His name is so long it barely fits on the back of his Bulls jersey. He does a very nice job. Three up, three down.

Winston Abreu comes on in the 8th with one out and a runner on second. And smokes ‘em. Two K’s. (OK, a bit of a thrill there when a passed ball let the runner get to third.)

2 hours, 11 minutes. Home before dark.