Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gathright to Norfolk

Game 28: Bulls 1, Braves 7
Season: 16-12
Wrap, Box, Indy Week Story

I wasn’t going to write anything today since the game has been well-covered over at Indy Week (see link above). Then I checked Stacy Long’s blog and noticed something of great interest to Bulls fans — Joey Gathright’s going to the Orioles organization and likely to show up playing for Norfolk. Probably a good thing for our catchers and third basemen, cause he’s really going to test their throwing arms. I’d lost track of Joey after he went to the Kansas City organization. Didn’t even know he’d been traded to the Cubs. So guess he’s become one of those guys who can’t quite stay in the majors. It will be fun to see him run, as long as it isn’t from third to home, or snagging chip shots into the outfield.

So since I’m writing, might as well say something about Adam Kennedy. Pretty sure this will end up being played as yet another bright move by Andrew Friedman, the guy who calls the shots for Tampa Bay. He grabs Kennedy, hangs on until someone really needs him, then does a deal. Potentially a win-win for the organization and, hopefully, only a temporary loss to the Bulls. He sure was doing a good job for us in the field and at the plate.
“It’s an extended opportunity for Adam and we weren’t going to stand in the way,” said Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman. “We feel like we’re going to get a guy that’s going to help us some depth-wise, and that was our understanding with Adam coming in – we’re not a group that’s going to stand in the way of someone, especially someone that hadn’t played in the minor leagues in 10 years.”

See preliminary stories by Marc Lancaster and Marc Topkin. Notice that Shaw Riggans’ rehab isn’t going well, which means that Michel Hernandez isn’t coming back any time soon, which may mean that our “ghost catcher” Jamieson might see some more playing time.

I’m wondering what the story is on Ruggiano. He’s missed the last couple of games.

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  1. Because, you know, Joe Dillon was in big demand.