Saturday, May 16, 2009

Singing at the DBAP — Update

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We are midway through this home stand, so it’s time for an update on the performers of the National Anthem. For a review of our rigorously scientific approach, our methodology, and discussion of our rating criteria see the original post.

I’m pleased to see that the best performance came on Armed Services Day and that the trend is distinctly upwards.

To other business:

Last night’s game was the last time this season that we will see the Louisville Bats in the DBAP (unless we see them in the playoffs). Bon Voyage.

The Rochester Redwings are in the house tonight. Former Bull Jason Pridie seems to have a role with the Twins somewhat similar to current Bull Justin Ruggiano. As much as I liked Jason when he was with us, here’s hoping that his visit will not as annoying as Jonny Gomes’s and Wes Bankston’s.

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