Friday, May 29, 2009

They’re Back

Game 47: Bulls 8, Redwings 7
Season: 30-17
Wrap, Box, Indy Week Story

Consider this: All those guys who trekked off to the Rays got to participate in four losses to Cleveland (Cleveland? Cleveland!! Good grief, Cleveland!!!). And the guys who stayed behind had some fun (if you don’t count the weather and stupid umpires). Bulls go 6-2 on the road. Stellar performance. Hats off to all the new (and old) Bulls.

We won the last 3 games without a single home run. How cool is that? Yesterday we had a bunch (6) more doubles. New pitcher Matt DeSalvo had a decent start. His battery mate was ghost catcher Alex Jamieson. Winston Abreu almost gave it away in the 9th, but got a grip and a strikeout to close it out.

Trivia: I guess because it happened on the road, the radio broadcast mentioned that none of the new guys had their names on their uniforms. Got me wondering about just how the Bulls came up with that many uniforms anyhow. Take them out of the laundry bags of the guys leaving and clip the names off? Is there a seamstress on the traveling team?

Have to mention an extraordinary moment in Triangle sports media history: The News & Observer actually ran a story about the Bulls this morning! With a legible box score! Wonders never cease. And over on their sports blog they actually give a profile of some Buffalo Bison players. Won’t last, but still nice that they gave some ink to the two professional baseball teams in the area. (Had a story on Mudcats as well. Who, by the way, are playing Tampa Bay’s AA team this week.)

Elsewhere, a Rays blog runs down some numbers on Matt Joyce.

Indy Week’s Adam Sobsey admits to having possibly jinxed the Bulls home stand (see last paragraph of link above). If so, and if he walks by our seats, I’ll point him out. Save up your peanut shells, just in case.

Hope weather holds off. See you at the DBAP!

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