Sunday, May 31, 2009


Game 50: Bulls 5, Bisons 2
Season: 32-18
Wrap, Box

Superb defense made a very shaky 5 innings by James Houser look better than it was. A perfect strike from Jon Weber in left field to Craig Albernaz to tag out Jesus Feliciano in the 1st inning was bookended by a fine play by Chris Nowak at first base to close out the 9th inning. In between were a very nice running catch by Ruggiano in the 3rd, and double plays in the 4th and 5th. I’m impressed by our new crew at shortstop (Chaves) and second base (Mateo).

Of course, we got five runs batting around in the 5th and won yet another game without a home run. I like that we’re able to win games without the homer. Hate to depend on that.

Player moves

  • We got a new outfielder, Rashad Eldridge, up from Montgomery. He was 0-4, but got on base on an error and scored a run. He was started in right field, which is a tough place to play when the sun’s still up. He did OK out there.
  • The wrap above says that Chris Mason is starting tomorrow. I don’t understand that. It was Mitch Talbot’s turn, so wonder if something is going on there. Guess we might find out tomorrow. Mason was relieving in Montgomery. We saw a lot of him last year. Here’s hoping a year’s more experience has made a difference.
  • Reliever Dewon Day is officially on the DL.
  • Chris Richard should be coming off the DL in a day or so.
  • Alex Jamieson has disappeared from the roster again. Guess he’s back to “Hudson Valley”.
Interesting asides in Indy Week's coverage of yesterday's game. Would never have thought that Japanese teams are scouting AAA.


  1. Well, I believe Kevin Witt went back to Japan last year, after Tampa verified he couldn't hit curveballs. Too bad, I really liked Kevin. He was a real sportsman.


  2. Dan Johnson reported also went that way. I should try to look up how he's doing. Maybe I'll get around to that some day.

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