Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bisons Bash Bulls

Game 48: Bulls 3, Bisons 9
Season: 30-18
Wrap, Box

I’m trying to find something good to say about last night, and not having much luck. How about this? Chris Nowak did a terrific job at third base. He really did, making several very nice plays.

How about the pitching? Well, not much there, in fact one of the worst individual and collective performances this year. The Bison’s team OPS was 1.015, something they can be proud of, I suppose.

How about the hitting? Well, Matt Joyce did have a home run.

I was wondering why Alex Jamieson was playing first base, Nowak on third, and Matt Hall on the bench. Then I saw the method behind it all. Montoyo was saving Hall to pitch the 9th inning. Very crafty, Charlie.

Couple of interesting quotes in today’s Herald-Sun story.

Let it go, guys. Today’s a new day.


  1. "Very crafty, Charlie"? Didn't you mean "Very crappy, Charlie"?

  2. Today's a new day. And hope springs eternal. 2.5 behind Norfolk, but it's not even June; and we're still 12 games above .500.


  3. Hear! Hear!
    Davis is a fundamentally sound pitcher. The Bulls are a fundamentally sound team. That's what makes it so much fun to watch them.

  4. Just saw that Joyce was called up to Tampa. Good day for the Rays, sad day for the Bulls.

  5. I'm actually a little surprised he stayed as long as he did. One of those Gabes in Tampa is having a really crummy year (Kapler, hitting .180). Puzzled by why they can't seem to figure out who's gonna play right field. With Upton having such a bad year, they (the Rays) are really tangled up trying to match outfield performance with plate performance. I wish him well. Ray Sadler's doing just fine, but we have no depth now. That worries me.

  6. Agreed on the RF question. I would have rather had Dunn than Burrell, and failing that am confused as to why neither Ruggiano nor D. Johnson got a legit shot. Obviously this is where losing Perez really hurts. As for the Gabes I know they are solid replacement level guys and good human beings, but why not give a younger unknown a shot? Anyway, Joyce to the big club is a good sign.