Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doubles, Doubles, Doubles

Game 46: Bulls 13, Redwings 2
Season: 29-17
Wrap, Box

Common sense did not prevail at Frontier Field last night. Top of the 9th. The Bulls were ahead 13 to 2, lightning was flashing out in the distance and the rain started pouring down. Kevin Oklabzija, a Rochester sportswriter captured the moment, “If no one sees the final outs of a blowout defeat, did the loss really happen?” After one out they pulled the tarp and there was an hour plus delay. According to Oklabzija, less than two dozen fans watched the final five outs. Game over at 11:35 PM, today’s game at 11:05 AM. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I’m going to have to start keeping an eye on umpire Damien Beal. He’s not dealing with a full deck.

The game story is Mitch Talbot pitching his way out of trouble in the second and doubles, doubles, doubles.

The Bulls hit eight doubles last night. Matt Joyce hit three. Henry Mateo, Chris Nowak, Jon Weber, Ray Sadler, and Matt Hall each had one. Then there was a triple (Albernaz), and eight singles for the Bulls best hitting performance this year. If you’re into quirky stuff, and I am, the box score reveals that our ghost catcher Alex Jamieson (guess he’s back from Hudson Valley) came in to pinch hit for Justin Ruggiano in the 9th (after the rain delay) and then in the bottom of the 9th stayed in to play first base. Nowak (at first) went to left field, Joyce (in left) went to right, Sadler (in right) went to center.

New guy shortstop Brandon Chaves went 4 for 4. Very nice.

  • Neil Solondz interviews Winston Abreu, and Matt Hall. Guess I now know why Matt Hall doesn't have much of a record. He just signed last year. A couple of interesting comments about coming to AAA.
  • Fernando Perez writes about his songs [Thanks, Adam].
  • Sixty Feet, Six Inches rhapsodizes about baseball.
  • The Rays Party takes what seems to me to be an unkind shot at Joe Dillon.
  • Adam Sobsey writes about the Bulls press box in the print edition of Indy Week (and online).

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  1. This is not a good crew; Rackley (sp?) made a couple bad calls at 1st and 2nd a few nights ago. And wasn't impressive when we saw him in Durham. You're right; Beal seems like he's not all there.

    But hot dog! The boys still find a way to win.