Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Bashing By the Bulls

Game 9: Durham Bulls 14, Norfolk Tides 7
Season: 6-3
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun

A few days back I said our pitching was OK, but the bats hadn’t come around. Now it looks almost the opposite. The pitching has been off the last two days, but no one should doubt that the bats are there, not after last night. Twenty hits (and 32 total bases) might not be a team record, but if my records are right you have to go back to April 22, 2008 to do better (22 hits, 40 bases). The team OPS for the night was 1.206. Very, very special.

Every Bull got at least one hit — Alvin Colina got his first of the year. Seven got RBIs. Angel Chavez raised his batting average to .400. Dan Johnson, Ryan Shealy, and Joe Dillon all got home runs and all the homers came with men on base.

Justin Ruggiano, playing right field, lost a fly ball in the sun in the first inning, but made up with a brilliant catch in the 5th. Elliot Johnson at short made a nifty bare-handed play in the 4th, and was 3 for 6 at bat. Johnson, Ruggiano, and Perez all stole bases.

A lot to like, so let’s enjoy it.

Former Bull Mitch Talbot got his first major league win yesterday, and a complete game to boot. Mitch was on the disabled list most of last year, but is also the owner of my favorite 2009 season trivia (he won the first and last games of the season).

About the DBAP —

  • As we all know, the video board is not working well. It looked like folks were trying to get it sorted out. Hope they do by tonight.
  • What’s with the lights in the concourse? Given the electricity bill for the whole place, saving a couple of bucks by keeping lights off in the concession area doesn’t make much sense.
  • The field looks great! Here’s hoping we make it through the rye/bermuda transition better this year.
  • Suggest a conversation between management and some of your concessionaires. I know it’s only the second game of the season, but a bit of training on how to draw a beer, make change, work a cash register is in order.


  1. The grounds crew has done an incredible job with that stadium is so perfect it looks like astroturf

    The answer to the slow concessions is to have a beer at Tyler's before the game

    Five dollars for a medium Yeungling? Six dollars for a tiny cup of ice cream? Not in this lifetime

  2. The solution to the problem of a $5 Yeungling is to buy better beer from the Foothills stands.

  3. Or, "The solution to the problem of a $5 Yeungling" is to buy a Longhammer IPA from the last stand on the first base side(can't remember the name, it's changed since last year.)

    On that note, I had to teach the server how to draw a glass of beer last night; training would certainly be in order.


  4. it might be better but it is still priced in the stars